Agnis Andzans, mathematician, professor, educator and author of several textbooks, passed away on Sunday, 3 March.

The following is a translation into English from his obituary on the University of Latvia site.

Agnis Andzans (1952 - 2024) was a professor at the University of Latvia and the author of many mathematics books. From 1971 to 2012, he devoted his working life to the University of Latvia and made a great contribution to the preparation of talented students and the education of mathematics teachers.

During his teaching career, Agnis Andzans developed an in-depth mathematics teaching system that would give any gifted student the opportunity to realize and develop his abilities while studying in any school in Latvia.

From 1979 to 2010, he was a head of the A. Liepas Correspondence Mathematics School of the University of Latvia and ensured the organization of mathematics Olympiads in Latvia.

For many years professor Andzans was the head of the Latvian team of the International Mathematical Olympiad. Colleagues, students, pupils and teachers greatly appreciated his support, selfless work and high professionalism.

This short text in Latvian and photo can be found on the official website of the University of Latvia here.

Further Tribute

As a further note, Agnis was heavily involved in international competitions in addition to his dedicated work facilitating mathematics learning for all students in Latvia as noted above.

Agnis' involvement with IMO is noted above. He also contributed heavily to WFNMC via conference attendance, journal articles and notably hosted in Riga the memorable WFNMC Conference in 2010.

He was awarded the prestigious WFNMC Erdös Award in 1998 in Zhongshan, China, as can be seen here.

I also note that he was heavily involved with Tournament of Towns from early on, was one of the first Vice Presidents of the international committee and composed legendary problems for the Tournament. As an example I conclude with the following problem he composed for the 1986 paper.


You can find a solution here.

Peter Taylor
09 March 2024