2018: WFNMC-8, will be held in Trattnerhof, Semriach, Austria 18 to 24 July. This is near Graz, and Graz is the place where attendees should book travel.

Pregistration Form here. This is to help organisers with advance planning. As your information changes you can forward revised versions of this form, but formal registration information, including paying conference fee is not yet available.

Program: During the Congress talks, workshops, mini-courses, and other events will be organized. Four sections are formed for the talks:

  1. Building Bridges between Research and Competitions problems;
  2. Creating Problems and Problem Solving;
  3. Competitions around the World;
  4. Work with Students and Teachers.

Workshops will focus on creating and solving competition problems. The tentative time for a workshop is 90 minutes. Participants are invited to submit proposal for talks as well as for running workshops, mini-courses, and other events. Proposals should include the title, the author(s) or organizer(s), and a short resume.

Proposals should be submitted to both the Chair of the WFNMC Program Committee, Kiril Bankov, here and WFNMC President Alexander Soifer here, by 01 March 2018.

The web site for the actual conference location is here.

2020: ICME-14, Shanghai 12 to 19 July. WFNMC expects to hold a mini-conference either immediately before or after.