Istvan Reiman, Hungary

Istvan Reiman has graduated from Eötvös University in 1953 as a teacher of mathematics and physics, and later earned a PhD writing in the area of finite and combinatorial geometry. He taught at Technical University of Budapest from 1970 until 1992, serving as head of the Descriptive Geometry Department from 1986 until 1992. He has been training the Hungarian IMO team since 1961. He was the deputy team leader of the Hungarian team for more than 20 years.

His books International Mathematical Olympiad 1959-1994, and International Mathematical Olympiad 1995-1998, have a long introduction, which explains the significance of mathematics competitions in general, and the IMO in particular. The books include a year-by-year short description of the events at that year's IMO, the result of each of the countries and the individual result of the Hungarian students. Next come all the problems with solutions, often more than one. There is an appendix, which explains many of the theorems and ideas used.

[Istvan Reiman]

Professor Istvan Reiman receives his Award from WFNMC President Peter Taylor at a function in Budapest on Monday 9 October 2000.

Prof. Reiman wrote five other excellent books, mostly on geometric topics, among them one "Chapters from Elementary Geometry" which is very highly regarded. He also authored more than 60 shorter research papers and publications.


From left Peter Taylor, Istvan Reiman, János Surányi and Jozsef Pelikan, leader of the Hungarian IMO team, after the Budapest function.

Istvan Reiman had tremendous influence on the Hungarian competition scene and more generally extra-school activities (which are of course connected with competitions as well). More than forty years ago he introduced a "Youth Mathematical Circle" where every three weeks invited speakers give talks on topics which are of interest to high-school students. Another biweekly event is an afternoon of problem solving where students tell their own solutions on the spot and are also given take home exercises. Prof. Reiman is in the committee of about a dozen competitions, among them the prestigious Kürschák competition.